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  • Calvin Kingma is a member of CWAA. He works for ArborRite Tree Care. They are Centre Wellington’s source for all things tree. They specialize in tree pruning, removals, as well as, cabling and bracing. They plant and give advice on which tree species is most suitable for your location.

    Visit ArborRite Tree Care for more information

  • Phil Guenter is a member of CWAA. He is an owner and lead climber of Baum Tree Care. He graduated from Humber College in the Arboriculture Apprenticeship program and from Sir Sanford Fleming College as a Forestry Technician. He has been an arborist for over 15 years and is extremely passionate about trees and their conservation. 

    Baum Professional Tree Care is a family-owned and operated business, run by Phil and Serena Guenter. They specialize in tree climbing, storm damage clean-up, restorative pruning, and safe removals. 

    Visit Baum Professional Tree Care for more information about there services and qualifications.

  • Doug Steel

  • Alison Morrison is a member of CWAA. She works for Green Legacy as the Community Outreach Coordinator. She also works with her dad, Chris Morrison for StormWaterForestry.

    Ali’s areas of specialization include plant propagation, nursery management, planting, transplanting, and reforestation. She also has a passion for organic food production and farming as well as public education.

    Learn more about The Green Legacy Program in Wellington County.

  • Monique Lee is a member of CWAA. She works for Nedlaw which is a company that designs, builds, and maintains living walls with customized biofilters systems.

    Visit Nedlaw’s website for more information.

  • Andrew Doucette is a member of CWAA. He is a graduate of the Ontario Agricultural College, where he studied horticulture, plant/tree pathology, and plant production. He has 20 years of experience in the landscape, arboriculture, and horticulture industry.

    Andrew is an Owner/Operator of Out of Your Tree Property and Tree Care. They specialize in tree restoration, maintenance pruning, hazard tree removal and emergency clean up, clearance pruning, and tree health consultation.

    Visit Out of Your Tree for more information.

  • Chris Morrison is a member of CWAA and works for StormWaterForestry. He believes strongly in a multi-disciplinary approach to environmental challenges and the importance of integrating green infrastructure into urban design and stormwater management.

    Chris’ background includes a geography degree from the University of Guelph followed by studies in Environmental Biology and Professional Organic Horticulture. He has been an ISA Certified Arborist for 20 years and is a SOUL Certified Organic Landcare Practitioner.

    Visit StormWaterForestry for more information.